Snore Guards

Snoring is a common problem for many people. It affects the quality of sleep of not only the person who snores but also the quality of sleep of other family members sleeping nearby. Snoring can also indicate major health complications.

A person typically snores because the muscles and soft tissues in the throat and mouth relax, making the airway passage smaller. As each breath is forced through this small passage, the rushing air causes the soft tissues in the mouth and throat to vibrate, resulting in the snoring sound. Common causes of snoring include excess body weight, alcohol consumption, sleep aides or sedatives, and sleep apnea. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing repeatedly during sleep. A snore guard can help to alleviate symptoms.

A mandibular advancement device (MAD) is the best snore guard solution for many of our patients, giving them a better night's sleep. The MAD is a specially designed dental device that gently helps keep the lower jaw, or mandible, in a forward position, increasing the volume of the airway passage and helping you breathe better so you can get a full, quiet night's sleep. These devices are custom-fitted to your mouth to ensure maximum comfort and safety, so that when you sleep you won't even notice that you're wearing it. We will work with you to tailor a dental device to meet you

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